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Paper Id: IJARW1186
Published in: International Journal Of All Research Writings
Publisher: IJARW
ISSN: 2582-1008
Volume / Issue: Volume 1 Issue 10
Pages: 5
Published On: 4/18/2020 10:42:55 PM      (MM/dd/yyyy)
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Name: Kheira REKAI
Institute: Establishment university hospital of Oran
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Terki Khadidja Création de l'hôpital universitaire d'Oran
Research Area: Medical oncology
KeyWord: Bresat cancer in men -Diagnosis- Treatment
Abstract: Breast cancer in men is a rare cancer, affecting mainly older men. The diagnosis is primarily based on clinical examination; the place of imaging is secondary and the diagnosis must always be confirmed by a histological examination before starting treatment. We must think about eliminating metastatic breast cancer, in particular looking for a prostatic origin. The reference surgical treatment is total mammectomy, but conservative treatment can be carried out provided that it is carcinologically and aesthetically possible. For cancers diagnosed early, axillary dissection can be replaced in the first instance by a removal of the sentinel node. The indications for radiotherapy are based on the experience acquired in women. Since breast cancer in men is most often hormone-dependent, hormone therapy plays a predominant role in both adjuvant, neoadjuvant and palliative settings. The reference hormone therapy remains tamoxifen used for 5 years. The peculiarities of the metabolism of androgens and estrogens in humans mean that the use of aromatase inhibitors cannot be transposed in humans on the only data obtained in women. Chemotherapy finds its place especially in the youngest and / or RH negative patients: an oncogeriatric consultation is essential for men over 70 to allow the best possible evaluation of its feasibility. Trastuzumab can also be used in men, for the same indications as in women.
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Kheira REKAI, Terki Khadidja, "MALE BREAST CANCER", International Journal Of All Research Writings, vol. 1, no. 10, pp. 107-111, 2020.
MLA Kheira REKAI, Terki Khadidja "MALE BREAST CANCER." International Journal Of All Research Writings, vol 1, no. 10, 2020, pp. 107-111.
APA Kheira REKAI, Terki Khadidja (2020). MALE BREAST CANCER. International Journal Of All Research Writings, 1(10), 107-111.
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