Dr. Sashka Jovanovska

Qualification: PhD
Department: Languages and Literature
Designation : PhD

English Language

2007- 2009  Writing articles for magazines Boulevard and TAA, translator for Reuters texts from English and Macedonian and vice versa for national media Alpha TV 
July 2009 - November 2009 Participation in the project - preparation of online dictionary (English -Macedonian) 
May/ July 2009- 2010 Translator from English to Macedonian in Tubernakul 
April 2011-2012 Participation in the establishment of the Literary Club Denicija Ss. Clement of Ohrid, Bitola. Member of the translation department, won one of the prizes of the International Literary Contest in Italy translated poem. 
May 2012 Authorized translator from English to Macedonian and vice versa 
September 2012 Owner and Professor of English at the School of Foreign Languages  Career  and Success – Probishtip,  Professor of English State Secondary school Naum Naumovski Borche - Probistip 
October 2013-2014 Translator and administrative assistant in a mine for lead and zinc-IMM Zletovo Probishtip 
September 2014-2017 Professor in English at Primary School Brakja Miladinovci - Probistip 
September 2017-2019 English language professor at the State Secondary school Mitko Pendzukliski - Kratovo 

11th to 18th July 2010 International student’s week in Belgrade, Serbia. Media Workshop – I have become a reporter for international WAVE magazine. 
04th to 11th April 2011 Mostar International Model of United Union – MOSTIMUN 2011, a representative member - journalist for CNN (USA) and gain an award of Best Journalist. 
09th to 18th July 2011 International Students Week In Belgrade – ISWiB 2011, Serbia. NLP Workshop - course on the item ,,COMMUNICATION IN ACTION,,. The NLP workshop helps me to improve my communicational skills, verbal and nonverbal body speech, body posture and all inclusive advanced communication.  
18th to 31th July 2011 
Romania - International Students Week In Timisoara – ISWINT 2011. As a participant of Fashion workshop, I have also gain a degree of creativity and handmade skills, taking the award of best creation. 
08th to 10th October 2012 International thesis for education –Across borders – Greece http://www.kosmit.uowm.gr/site/content/sashka-dimitrovska-dedicated-use-literature-formsenglish-language-schoolbooks-0 
2012-2013 Worked on a Project of Protecting women from Violence created by local Government 
16th - 18th  March 2018 Participation in the international conference in Serbia – Vrnjachka Banja – Knowledge without borders 
24th - 27th  May 2018 Participation in the international conference in Montenegro – Budva - The teacher of the future 
05th -13th  November 2018 Internship training professor at the University of Prishtina- Faculty of technological science – Kosovska Mitrovica 


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